Specialist Consultancy for the Office Products Industry

Back-office software, front-end application and reporting

Uncovering performance efficiencies

As an office products dealer, you've invested considerable time and money for your software both back office (ERP) and front-end e-commerce systems.
The question is: can you add more to your bottom line by using features you might not even be aware of?

Your dedicated, independent consultant who specialises in Horizon and has knowledge of the other systems in the Office Products Market.

  • We all know that efficiency is important for profitability and effectiveness is important for growth.
  • We also know that the right software can be pivotal in providing both.
  • The problem is that, often, just using the basics provided by that software takes enough time and effort
  • You haven’t had the time or the resources to use more than probably 20% of that software’s capability
  • And it’s in the 80% that more profit hides
  • You can’t easily access it
  • I can
How am I able to do that, you ask?
I was a dealer myself for many years and, believe me, I know what it’s like at the sharp end – the customer demands, the supplier issues, the billing problems, tax information, stock tracking – the list, as you know, goes on and on

  • Crucially, I also know the software you’re using like the back of my hand
  • I know what it can really do and where the potential actually is
  • By providing you with a personalised business system health check, I can show you near instant improvements in efficiency, productivity and reporting without you having to fork out for expensive training courses and the like.
  • I can also provide ongoing support if that suits your business model and you want to maximise those benefits.

Chris Geer Associates are Associate for Foresight Technology’s Vantage Point providing 100% reliable reporting for Horizon and Prima users. We are also Associates of Focus7 a brand-led business growth agency.

To find out more information on our associations, click here.

I speak your language, I can translate your needs.

My aims are to:

  • help you get more from your software to find faster and more cost-effective ways of doing things
  • be your “outsourced in-house” resource when you are looking to improve system performance or to re-engineer system usage.
  • Be there for you when you need me

As a subject matter expert rather than a programmer, I work to business needs, I don’t wax lyrical about technical specs or provide over-engineered solutions you don’t need. I get straight to the heart of the problem and solve it in a way that everyone in your team will understand.

And you see the benefits


Why choose me?

  • I have sold Horizon Systems to forty-seven clients ranging in size from start-ups to multi-million-pound multi location businesses
  • I have successfully implemented all of those systems, then provided appropriate training and support
  • I really know these systems
  • You will get a faster more focused response from me as an independent expert, who is not just looking to ‘up sell’ (unlike some software houses)
  • I speak in plain English,
  • I’ll tell you like it is and won’t bombard you with jargon
  • You are too busy to mess about – you want answers, quickly and clearly, with a view to providing a better service to your clients and a better bottom line for you – I know these things, having been in your position
  • You don’t want to pay the earth – I charge realistic and competitive rates which can be tailored to your needs and circumstances
  • I have improved the operation efficiency of every client I have worked with

Give me a call and lets talk about your business

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